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Mr.Henry Chandra Tjorawinata

President Director

Start from “Zero” to become “Hero”

Mr Henry C.T is the 1st generation of PT.Futanlux Paint Indonesia and also the founder of the company. In 1992, he started with a small capital to build the paint factory in Tangerang and throughout the year he managed to increase the capital to build a larger size of the company. Due to his focus-oriented principles that he put into his work, he managed to run and develop the company really well. As senior in Futanlux Paint, he believed that the 2nd Generation conveys answer towards the success of Futanlux Paint.

Mr. Jeffry Chandra Tjorawinata

Sales & Marketing Director

 “Be where the world is going. Business is so great if you follow where it goes.”

A graduate of La Trobe University (2011) in Bachelor of Business Degree in Marketing & Finance. After the completion of his degrees in Sydney (Australia), he started his carrier working for paint manufacturer industry  (PT.Futanlux Paint Indonesia) as Sales & Marketing Director. Jeffry C.T also holds a positioned as Sales & Marketing Director in Interior Design company called 3 Garis Design+. He believes that the collaboration of both company would be beneficial in order to improve the expectation of consumer needs. As Sales & Marketing Director, he is determined to increase the sales of Futanlux Paint and also optimizing the after sales- services in order to achieve company’s goals.

Mr. Jovianto Chandra Tjorawinata

Managing Director

“Best Quality, Worth Buying!”

A graduate of University Technology of Sydney (2013) in Bachelor of Science . In 2014, Jovianto C.T joined PT.Futanlux Paint Indonesia and hold an important position through his young age. As the second generation of the company, he is keen to improve the standard management of the factory. He believes that Futanlux paint is a growing company that would be potential to be one of the best paint manufacturer in Indonesia. As young professionals, he is dedicated to idealism, which would create innovative products that benefit the consumers throughout the new generation. Maintaining the quality of the product is his determination. Jovianto C.T always believed that “Quality is No.1”, “Price comes along with it”.

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